All confirmed Xbox games coming to Game Pass in 2023 and beyond

By Heidi Nicholas,

Xbox Game Pass announcements tend to be made at short notice, but some publishers love to share news of their titles coming to the service well in advance. Here's every upcoming Game Pass game we know about...

Starfield delay

Spoilers: it's a big list. We have included everything that has a specific Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass release or arrival date for 2023, as well as those that have broader release windows, and those that haven't yet had any release window confirmed. Take a look through and see what's on the horizon for Xbox Game Pass over the next few years... we'll be keeping this article updated as more announcements are made and as games hit the service, so be sure to keep an eye on it!

"Coming soon"

Thirsty Suitors

The entries on this list will be shorter in general, but Thirsty Suitors isn’t making that easy — according to the game’s site, it encompasses a lot; “culture, relationships, family pressures, and expressing oneself” — in the middle of all that, we’ll also be fighting our exes, skateboarding, and cooking. Interested? It’s “coming soon…”


Puzzle game Maquette launched for PlayStation in 2021, and joins Xbox Game Pass this winter, when it will mess with your perspective while telling a love story.

Solar Ash

Action-adventure game Solar Ash also launched for PlayStation in 2021, and comes to Xbox Game Pass this winter. We’ll be exploring the surreal world of Solar Ash, fighting enemies, and looking to solve the mysteries of this cryptic land.

The Big Con

Mighty Yell's Nineties crime adventure The Big Con is also set to join Xbox Game Pass this winter, as confirmed when it too popped up in Skybound Games' Game Pass Showcase, and sees teenager Ali setting off on a crime-filled journey across America as she tries to earn enough money to save her mum's video store.

Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery

Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery arrives for Xbox consoles and Xbox Game Pass soon, when it'll see us investigating three different mysteries in our quest for the truth.


Minecraft Legends

Action-strategy game Minecraft Legends joining the Xbox Game Pass library on April 18th, when we’ll fight to defend the Overworld from the piglins.

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly, the sequel to the beloved talking sim Coffee Talk, launches into Game Pass on April 20th when we'll once again be drawn into the lives of Seattle's fantastical residents, all while proffering a wide array of good drinks.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox

Metroidvania adventure The Last Case of Benedict Fox, which lists its inspirations as including everything from jazz music to Lovecraftian themes, is set to launch into Xbox Game Pass on April 27th. We’ll be using our bond with a demon to investigate the minds of the dead in order to solve the murder of a couple and the disappearance of their child.

Homestead Arcana

Magical farming game Homestead Arcana, announced during Skybound Games's Game Pass showcase, has been confirmed as coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one when it launches in April. We, along with our cat familiar, will be working to heal the land from the corruption of the Miasma. There's no specific date set in April yet, but we'll keep an eye out for a confirmation!



Vampire-slaying co-op shooter Redfall, which sees us killing the vampires who have taken over an island and the cultists who serve them, was delayed to the first half of 2023 and launches into Game Pass on May 2nd.

Amnesia: The Bunker

First-person survival horror game Amnesia: The Bunker arrives for Xbox Game Pass on May 16th. "Left all alone in a desolate WW1 bunker with only one bullet remaining in the barrel, it’s up to you to face the oppressing terrors in the dark. Keep the generator running at all costs, persevere, and make your way out alive."


Sword and Fairy: Together Forever

Sword and Fairy: Together Forever comes to Game Pass on July 6th, bringing a story revolving around the three clans of Human, Deity, and Demon.


Third-person dino shooter Exoprimal launches as a day-one addition for Xbox Game Pass on July 14th.


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Asymmetrical horror game The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is set to arrive onto Game Pass on August 18th — fans of Evil Dead: The Game and Dead by Daylight will probably want to keep a close eye on this one...

Lies of P

The creepy, Souls-like, Pinnochio-inspired Lies of P has been confirmed to launch into Xbox Game Pass sometime in 2023, and sees us guiding Pinnochio on his journey to become a human.



After a number of delays, Bethesda's sci-fi RPG Starfield was finally given a new release date of September 6th, when it will have us working for an organisation known as Constellation, and exploring the Settled Systems.

First half of 2023

Party Animals

Originally expected to launch into Xbox Game Pass at the end of 2022, competitive brawler Party Animals has been delayed a little and will now join the service at some point in early 2023, when it will see us (the party animals in question) fighting across a number of game modes and using everything from plungers to lollipops as weapon.


The charming life sim Spirittea was confirmed during the Wholesome Snack: The Game Awards Edition stream to be launching into Xbox Game Pass early in 2023. It sees us play as a writer who comes to the countryside looking for inspiration for their next novel, before things get quickly derailed — after coming across a tea that lets us see into the spirit world, we start to run a bathhouse to help the forgotten spirits of the town. Check out our Spirittea interview for more!


Narrative cooking game Venba hasn't got a specific release date yet, but it's set to join Game Pass this summer, when it'll tell the tale of Venba — an Indian mother in the 1980s who has immigrated to Canada with her family.

Forza Motorsport

Racing sim Forza Motorsport has also been given a spring 2023 release window, and according to the devs, it’ll be “the most technically advanced racing game ever made."

Planet of Lana

Lovely adventure game Planet of Lana has been confirmed to launch into Xbox Game Pass in spring 2023. We play as Lana herself — after the planet is invaded by a robot army, Lana's sister is caught. Lana finds a new companion in a small creature called Mui, and the two set out to rescue her sister and the planet.

TBC 2023

Bounty Star: The Morose Tale of Graveyard Clem

Here, we get to the more mysterious portion of the list; all these entries are set to join Xbox Game Pass in 2023, but haven’t specified release windows yet. First up is Bounty Star: The Morose Tale of Graveyard Clem, an action game where we play as Clementine McKinney as she fights her way across a post-post apocalyptic desert in a rather snazzy mech.


Turn-based historical strategy game Humankind, which sees us exploring and advancing 60 historical cultures, was initially set to join Xbox Game Pass in November 2022 but has been delayed "until further notice." Here's hoping it doesn't ship with unobtainable achievements like the PC version did...

The Lamplighters League

Announced during a Paradox Interactive showcase, The Lamplighters League is an upcoming turn-based tactical adventure game set to launch into Game Pass on day one later this year.

Cities: Skylines 2

Also announced during that same Paradox Interactive showcase, Cities: Skylines 2 was confirmed to arrive for Xbox Series X|S later this year and will join Game Pass on day one.

Turnip Boy Robs a Bank

Turnip Boy looks set to continue his life of crime when Turnip Boy Robs a Bank arrives in 2023. The sequel to Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is described as a "unique spin on the original" with some top-down shooter and roguelite elements too.


Contraband was announced as a "co-op smuggler’s paradise set in the fictional world of 1970s Bayan" — we don't yet have a release date for this one, which seems a little way off yet, but we'll keep an eye out.

Dungeons 4

Dungeons 4 launches for Xbox Series X|S, Windows, Xbox Game Pass, and PC Game Pass in 2023, and tasks you with creating a dungeon for your creatures and then unleashing them into the world to remind everybody of the Absolute Evil. You'll also need to defend your dungeon from those seeking to steal its Dragon Heart.

Railway Empire 2

Kalypso Media and Gaming Minds Studios announced Railway Empire 2 with the above trailer, and confirmed that the game will come to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass at launch in 2023.

Little Witch in the Woods

Little Witch in the Woods is already available in Game Preview with Xbox Game Pass, but if you’ve been holding off until the game launches in full, you’ll need to wait until some time in 2023. Little Witch in the Woods is a charming pixel adventure game where you train to become a fully-fledged witch, and consists of a mix of crafting, exploration, puzzle-solving, and life-sim elements — for more on that, check out our Little Witch in the Woods interview.


Retro sci-fi 2D adventure Replaced is also set to launch into Xbox Game Pass in 2023. We’ll play as Reach, an AI trapped in a human body, and will explore and fight our way through Phoenix City. The pixel art here is some next-level stuff...

Ereban: Shadow Legacy

Ereban: Shadow Legacy launches into Xbox Game Pass next year, too. In this stealth platforming game, we’re Ayana, who, armed with mysterious shadow powers, is exploring a dying world to investigate the megacorporation Helios and the truth about her long-lost ancestors.


Ravenlok comes from the creators of Echo Generation, and revolves around Ravenlok herself, who tumbles through a mirror into a fantastical world. It’s a dark fairytale, presided over by the terrifying Caterpillar Queen, and will launch into Xbox Game Pass in 2023.


Cosmic puzzle adventure game Cocoon is also set to be released with Xbox Game Pass next year. We’ll be leaping between worlds — which all exist within orbs that you can carry on your back — and will manipulate them to solve puzzles. Sounds suitably mind-bending.

Ark II

Survival game Ark II is also set for 2023, and will star Vin Diesel as Santiago and Auli'i Cravalho as his daughter Meeka. Expect it to expand heavily on the scale and scope of its popular dino-packed predecessor.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn is a fantasy action-RPG set to launch into Xbox Game Pass in 2023, and seems to have us fighting both against the dead and the gods themselves.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Suikoden spiritual successor Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes also launches into Xbox Game Pass some time next year. It’s a JRPG featuring a “traditional” six-character battle system with a mix of 2D sprites and 3D backgrounds. Companion title Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is already available with Xbox Game Pass, in case you fancy getting a taste of the world and characters early.



Flock is the first on this final section of the list: those that have no release window yet at all. It's a colourful, laid-back multiplayer co-op game where you soar contentedly through the world and gather up creatures to add to your herd. It looks all kinds of beautiful, but sadly doesn’t have a release window yet.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

Hollow Knight: Silksong is the long-awaited sequel to Hollow Knight, so it’s great to hear that it’s coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch, even though we don’t have a specific release date yet. If you like Ori but wish the games were darker and more challenging, keep an eye on this (and go play the original in the meantime, it's ace).


Here’s one we’ve been waiting for for a while: Fable was announced back in 2020 as a “new beginning for the legendary franchise” with “fantastical creatures and wondrous places,” and we haven’t really heard anything since. There’s no hint yet of a release window for Fable, but we do know it joins Xbox Game Pass on day one.

Lightyear Frontier

Lightyear Frontier was delayed from its spring 2023 release, and we don't yet have a new date for when this one soars onto Xbox Game Pass. When it does, we’ll be farming on an alien planet, with Lightyear Frontier mashing together base-building, crafting, discovering alien flora and fauna, and more.


First-person RPG Avowed was also announced in 2020, and, sadly, it too has no release window yet. Avowed is set in the fantasy world of Eora, and is set to join Xbox Game Pass at launch.


Everwild, revealed back in 2019, is another one that seems to have disappeared after its announcement, although a report suggested Everwild is targeting a 2024 release after being “restarted from scratch”. We’ve heard no official update on when Everwild might emerge, so here it goes, into the “unknown” section.

Senua's Saga: Hellblade II

Also announced back in 2019, action-adventure game Senua's Saga: Hellblade II also has no hint of a release window yet, but will join Xbox Game Pass on day one. We’ll update here when we know more.


Bushiden is an action-adventure game with platforming elements — details are pretty scarce at the moment but it seems that in Bushiden we are dealing both with the disappearance of our sister and the fact that the evil Gaoh has returned with an "cybergentic army" which we'll need to defeat. It was confirmed back in 2021 that Bushiden would join Xbox Game Pass on day one, but we don't yet know a release date.


Marauders is described as a first-person multiplayer sci-fi dieselpunk looter shooter where we play as a space pirate — it was meant to launch into Game Preview for PC Game Pass in 2022, but we've not yet heard word of a new release date.

Cassette Beasts

Cassette Beasts is a Pokémon-inspired RPG monster-battling game that lets you combine those monsters into new creatures. It’s set to join Xbox Game Pass on day one, retro vibes and all.


First-person sci-fi horror game Routine was announced back in 2012, and then seemed to vanish until it was re-revealed back in June of this year. It’s set to join Xbox Game Pass at launch, whenever that launch may be.

Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl

Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl brings first-person shooter action to Xbox Game Pass at launch, when we’ll be exploring a post-nuclear open world. Developer GSC Game World is based in Ukraine and recently shared an emotional video diary explaining its situation — this one might be a little way off still, but just stay safe and take your time with it, folks.

Ara: History Untold

Ara: History Untold was announced during the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase as a historical turn-based strategy game which will join PC Game Pass at launch.

Slime Rancher 2

Slime Rancher 2 is available in Game Preview/Early Access with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass already, but if you're waiting to play until the achievements are added with the full release of the game, there's a bit longer to go — we don't yet have a concrete release date for when Slime Rancher 2 launches in full.

Age of Mythology Retold

In one of the best announcements of 2022, we found out that a Definitive Edition of 2002's much-loved Age of Mythology game was on the way — we don't yet have a release date, but it'll come to PC Game Pass!


Magical Delicacy

Magical Delicacy looks to be made up of a lot of different elements: it's a pixel platforming game inspired by Metroidvania aspects where you cook meals and brew potions while exploring the town and pursuing the path to becoming a proper witch. Magical Delicacy is set to launch into Game Pass in 2024.

Dead Static Drive

Indie survival horror title Dead Static Drive — which has already spent almost a decade in development — joins Magical Delicay in this lonely "joining Game Pass in 2024"section of the list.

So, what do you think? Anything on there catch your eye, or take you by surprise? What do you think of the gaming horizon for Xbox Game Pass? Let us know what you think in the comments!
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