PowerWash Simulator free update arrives next week, followed by physical release

By Tom West,

If springtime isn't quite hitting the temperature levels you like, PowerWash Simulator's upcoming Muckingham Files update will see us return to the desert — and in more hot news, a physical launch is inbound.

If you've been itching to return to one of the best Xbox simulation games, then you might be pleased to know that the Muckingham Files update arrives in PowerWash Simulator next week on April 18th. Additionally, Square Enix Collective has announced that a physical edition of the game will launch on June 13th for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

PowerWash Simulator's free Muckingham Files update

powerwash simulator update physical xbox release

The Muckingham Files update will see us return to the mysterious Mauka Aitu Desert, the area we visited in the base game to clean the ancient statue, to clean the dust and sand from a Solar Water Plant and Satellite Dish. Of course, the desert heat could become a little too much to bear, so a return to Muckingham's recreation ground should serve as a comfortable reprieve. There'll be a rather unsightly food truck requiring your skills to ensure it looks the part. On top of that, FuturLab has added additional stories to the pre-existing bonus jobs as a supplement to the game's main story. The new stories will bring the jobs in line with the developer's plans to expand the lore found in its Muckingham universe.

Muckingham Files is just the first of many planned updates coming to PowerWash Simulator this year, with 2023 set to see a range of Special Packs and updates arrive for the game.

Will you be returning to the game for the new update or picking up a physical copy of PowerWash Simulator? Drop a comment below and let us know!
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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