Free Super Duper Update coming soon to Grounded with three new Xbox achievements

By Tom West,

The Super Duper Update for Grounded is currently undergoing a public test, offering up a host of new features, quality improvements, and bug fixes. It will launch in full with three new Xbox achievements soon.

As noted by the name, the upcoming update introduces the Super Duper duplication machine for gear and items, but there are a host of new features on the way too, including quality-of-life improvements, bug fixes, and three new Grounded achievements. The free update will roll out to all players on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Game Pass soon.

Upcoming Grounded update adds three new Xbox achievements

grounded super duper update xbox

The titular Super Duper machine is a duplication device that uses Raw Science to clone items and gear and can be found in the Oak Lab. Locating Duper Discs in the various yard labs will also give you the opportunity to upgrade the device, opening up further possibilities for duping high-end gear. Some extra gear might be needed as well because the update introduces wasp swarms to the yard. You'll find mini hives guarded by drones and wasps all over the yard when the update goes live, offering you a new challenge to undertake — find the main hive, though, and you'll have a chance to take down the Wasp Queen boss.

As for new developments for your base, the introduction of the Handy Gnat will allow you to fly around your base to make it easier for large-scale base customisation. You'll find the handy helper as an option within the in-game settings. It'll be on by default when you play the Creative mode, but for those of you on Survival servers, you'll need to convert your game to a Custom Game to enable it. With all the hustle and bustle completed, bases now offer a new buff called cosiness, which slowly heals you and decreases your hunger and thirst levels. Just being around cosy buildings will increase your cosiness level, and with each level you reach, you'll unlock a host of rewards like decorative building recipes, a base-building mutation, and emote.

On top of all that, the Super Duper update introduces a new loot luck status effect, improvements to the Turret, additional photo mode options, three new Xbox achievements (which Obsidian is yet to reveal), and a vast number of quality-of-life improvements. The update is currently undergoing public testing but will be rolling out to all players soon. Check out everything coming via the patch notes on the Obsidian website for a more detailed view of what's to come.

Will you be returning to the garden when the Super Duper Update arrives? Let us know down below!
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